About Trauma Help Rwanda

Trauma Help – RWANDA is the organization that has a mission of assuming professional counseling in the Rwandan society which known a number of people traumatized and who met different problems manifested during and after Tutsi genocide in 1994.

That mission will focus on healing and treating whose presented symptoms and action based on the abnormal behaviors, irrational thinking and in appropriate feelings in their day lives like whose  suffering from burnout, were stressed, simple and complex trauma ,grief, depressed and others diseases related to mental health.

Our Purposes

  • We help the professional psychologists to increase their knowledge in psychotraumatology through continuous trainings; it will help also them to prevent and management of secondary traumatization as well as adequate diagnosis and treatment of their clients
  • We help the people living with disabilities especially mental disabilities through family therapy.
  • We help the people living with HIV/AIDS by helping them to cope with their situation and promoting their wellbeing in the way of development. It will sensitize the youth to prevent and be aware about HIV/AIDS
  • We participate actively in fighting against drugs abuse and treating adequately drug addictions either in schools or rehabilitation centers
  • We intervene in natural and unnatural disasters and other catastrophic event in Rwanda, as well as outside of Rwanda.

Teacher Trainings

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